About dalmatians

This breed was originally from Yugoslavia but was developed in Great Britain. There used to be a custom of this dog preceding the carriages of the English aristocracy. Slowly this custom gave way to the dog being made to sit in the rear side of the carriage! This breed over the years was has worked in many posts and has been outstanding in most of the work assigned to them. This dog has served as a dog of war and also as a sentinel. They were used as drought dogs and also as shepherds. In London these dogs were not only mascots but also effective rodent controllers for the fire departments. This dog has been called by many names including „fire-house dog”, „spotted dick”, „plum pudding dog” and most recently as Dally. This dog has also been used by circus clowns for centuries. This dog also played a major role in game hunting. The latest role this breed has adopted is that of a loving family pet. It has taken part in numerous movies the most famous probably being „101 Dalmatians” .
The Dalmatian is a strong active dog free of coarseness capable of endurance and speed. The head is moderately long skull flat yet broad between the ears. There should be no wrinkles. The muzzle must be long and powerful. Neck must be fairly long and arched. Forequarters must be clean and muscular. Legs must be straight and elbows close to the body. Coat must be short, hard, dense and glossy. The colour must have a base of pure white. There are two colours for the spots i.e. Black or Liver spotted. The spots must be round and well defined. The height must be between 19 ? 24 inches for an adult Dalmatian. This dog needs an regular brushing. These dogs are very active and need ample and free exercise. This is a sound friendly dog loyal and lively. This dog has a good life expectancy. It is a medium sized faithful and admirable companion. It is not advised to leave this dog alone for long periods of time. On the whole this is a wonderful dog to keep as a pet. The only point to be taken care is that this breed needs a lot of exercise and therefore the owner must be prepared to spare enough time and energy for this.
[Source: www.kashvet.org]

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